Meeting the Needs of Self-Represented Litigants in Family Law

Welcome to the Law Office of Michelle C. Hopkins. At our firm, we strive to create meaningful access to the family law courts for low and moderate income families. Many families are stuck between having too much money for free legal services and not having enough money for traditional full service attorney representation. The cost of legal services leaves families no choice but to struggle alone with the legal, financial, and emotional challenges of a family law case. Our office breaks down financial barriers by offering professional and affordable limited scope legal services to the community.

We cut through confusing family law court processes and procedures. We listen to your concerns and our legal analysis will identify practical solutions. We empower all our clients with knowledge of the law and their legal options so they can successfully navigate the system. We offer reduced hourly rates on a case by case basis and the potential for fixed fees after the initial case assessment. Clients pay only for the legal services they need when they need them. Our “pay as you go” business model provides financial certainty about attorney fees and court costs.

Please feel free to contact us for a legal consultation. We look forward to providing you with compassionate, expert, and affordable legal services.

Limited Scope Legal Services

Case Assessment

We provide consultations for legal analysis and assessment of your case to identify legal issues and relevant laws, and conduct legal research as requested. We formulate legal strategy and tactics based on your goals and desired outcomes and orient you to the court process and court rules.

Document Assistance

We prepare court forms to start or respond to a divorce, legal separation, nullity, paternity, domestic violence or civil harassment case. We draft Request for Orders (initial, temporary, modification and post-judgment) regarding child support, child custody & visitation, spousal support, and property control. We draft pleadings, motions, joinders, court orders, settlement proposals, and judgments. We instruct you on the court rules regarding filing and serving documents, and assist with subpoenas and other discovery requests.

Court Appearances

We provide attorney representation at court hearings. We teach you how to represent yourself and present evidence in court. We offer hearing and trial preparation services including preparation and organization of pre-trial documents, and witness and evidence preparation. After court hearings we draft court orders and judgments.

Our Practice Areas

We assist with legal analysis and case assessment, document preparation, hearing and trial preparation, and court appearances in divorce, legal separation, nullity, paternity, child support, domestic violence and civil harassment cases. We draft petitions, responses, disclosure declarations, joinders, Request for Orders (RFO), responsive declarations, motions, orders after hearings, settlement proposals, trial briefs, and judgments. We conduct all forms of discovery including interrogatories, demands for production, depositions, and subpoenas.

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